How To Become A Superhuman – Is Phenibut The Drug From “Limitless”?

Phenibut reviews

There are no doubts about it – Phenibut is a supplement with a drug like effects. In some countries, it is given as a drug, while in the USA, it is a supplement. It has wonderful effects and can treat numerous affections, from anxiety and depression to sleeping disorders and severe headaches.

But with all these, Phenibut effects will also give you a high. It is not like the high you get from illicit drugs or alcohol though. If you have ever seen the movie Limitless, Phenibut is often compared to that drug. It boosts your brain and it turns you into a superhuman – hence its popularity among entrepreneurs. In this Phenibut review, I will tell you what can you expect from Phenibut, what is the perfect dosage and what are the possible side effects.

Phenibut Effects

The first time you take Phenibut, effects might look a little surprising. You will feel relaxed. The heart rate will go a bit down, but it will stay steady. However, despite feeling relaxed, you will be extremely efficient. You will feel like a lion – keeping calm, yet extremely attentive.

Phenibut does not make you feel drowsy or lazy like other substances – more or less legal. Instead, it will calm you down only, but your brain will stay alert and you will observe things around you at a different rate.

So, what does this mean? In other words, you clear your mind. There are no more stress and chaos from what is going on around you. Instead, you can block everything and focus on what truly matters. You will be more efficient, while your thinking capabilities will skyrocket.

The best part is that it might look like a relaxing supplement, but it actually boosts your focus and concentration – no more erratic thoughts or scattered ideas. With these aspects in mind, the effects of Phenibut are described as a state of zen.

A more powerful brain

Given the above-mentioned benefits, Phenibut is clearly working on your brain. It is a GABA supplement that works like alcohol, only it provides different effects. For instance, it boosts your brain and will improve your problem-solving skills too. Your reasoning will be more efficient.

Phenibut has been linked with increasing the level of dopamine – happiness, focus, and abilities. If you check out some Phenibut reviews online, you will see most people report euphoria feeling.  For this reason, it is excellent for those who are getting ready for the SAT or other similar tests, business people and entrepreneurs.

Phenibut effects

Sharper senses

This is one of the effects that depend on the Phenibut dosage. They may not always be visible, but they do occur and affect your body. Some senses will experience slight improvements, such as the sense of sound or your sight.

What really makes the difference is the sense of touch. Simply put, your motor skills will feel different. Type something on your keyboard, take Phenibut and do it again half an hour later. Each key will feel different. Everything you touch will give you a different sensation. Your body will be in a new state. Everything you do will reflect on your actions in a different way.

Relaxation, stress, and anxiety

This is one of the main reasons wherefore so many people buy Phenibut Walmart or over the Internet – stress. It is one of the common causes of disease these days. You want to feel relaxed, but you still want to be in control of your body. You feel chilled, but not uninspired or lazy.

How does Phenibut create this feeling? How does a supplement make you ready to tackle a day in a chilled manner? Simply put, it clears stress off. Lingering stress is part of everyone’s lives. Moreover, slight anxiety is just as common. The supplement clears these problems and opens the door to new alternatives.

You suddenly become stress-free. Any problem that you might have will feel easier – after all, every problem out there has at least one solution. Being able to block stress will turn you into a different person. It helps during exams, high-pressure moments, work situations and so on.

Conclusion Of My Phenibut Review

In conclusion, Phenibut can easily become that special drug that changed lives in Limitless. It will boost your brain capabilities from more directions, clear your mind, boost your focus and improve your life. While rated as a supplement, it is important to know that it may also cause addiction. Increasing the dose will not improve the effects or turn you into a machine, so it is not worth it. Also, try to find a reliable source when looking for the best place to buy Phenibut.​