Detox Drinks For Weed: How They Work&What Are The Best Brands

Detox drinks for weed

There are a couple of ways you can pass a drug test, the most popular methods are certo (because it’s cheap, all the ingredients are available in Walmart) which is not the best option at all and synthetic urine, which works fine as long as the test is unsupervised. In case the test is supervised things get more complicated.

You can not just pull out a flask of synthetic urine and pour it into the testing cup in front of the lab assissant. There are several synthetic urine belts and urinator devices (fake penis), but I wouldn’t recommend them, these methods are not safe. If this is the case only two option left: Detoxing with the help of certain detox pills or using marijuana cleansing drinks. In this article, I will review some detox drinks that you can use to pass a urine drug test.

How Detox Drinks For Weed Work

Detox drinks actually do not detox your system, they do help to remove toxins from your body, but just for a few hours. After you drink the detox liquid you need to urinate several times until all the toxins leave your system. In the next few hours, your urine will be clean, free of toxins. The window period is usually 5 hours. After 5 hours your pee will be dirty again, so it’s essential to submit your sample a couple of hours after you drink the solution.

And it’s important to understand that it’s just a temporary solution, if you want to get rid of drug toxins, you need to try detox pills instead. What makes detox drinks good, is they don’t require any preparation, all you need to do is to drink the liquid and urinate 2-3x before the test. Its highly recommended to stop using drugs, smoking weed a few days before the test. It’s not essential, but makes things easier, as there will be fewer toxins in your system and the detox drink will have to mask much fewer toxins.

Recommended Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

There are only three detox drinks that I would recommend you. There are so many brands on the market, most of them don’t worth a single penny, they have nice design, catchy names, but if you check their ingredients, you will see most of them are basically colored water with a few added vitamin, you can make these drinks at home without paying 40-50$ for a single bottle. Not to mention these drinks mostly do not work, so better if you do not try to make them at home.

The three detox drink I would recommend are:

Rescue Cleanse 32: This marijuana detox drink is in the first place on my list because it works for all kind of drugs and also good for very heavy smokers. It has a smaller version, but I wouldn’t recommend it, always go for the safer option. I have used it 3 times in the past and never let me down, if you check out some reviews online you will see it has mostly positive reviews only. Here is an example:

Yo this cleanse drink work 100%. Make sure you drink water for 24 hours after taking the product. Don’t eat anything that would trigger you to smoke after eating. And also eat fresh raw veggies and fruit in that 24 hour period. Also, it’s important that you sweat, it helps to get rid of toxins quicker out your body, so if you’re not active at try to be active within that time. More particularly fruits/veggies that contain high levels of Vitamin C. again DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. NO SODAS OR COFFEE OR DEFINITELY ALCOHOL. I’m a witness that this product works! Good luck to you

Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex: It’s also a great detox drink, probably the strongest on the market, I didn’t put this on the first place, because in most cases Rescue Cleanse is enough, the price difference is 25 bucks. While Rescue Cleanse costs only 55$, a single bottle of Ultra Eliminex is 80$. Buy the detox drink if you are a chronic smoker or someone with large body mass. Other than that, save that 25$ and go with Rescue Cleanse.

detox drinks for weed

Detoxify Mega Clean: Mega Clean is a well-known detox drink that has a very good track record. It’s probably weaker than the first two brands, but it still should be enough for a simple urine test. If you buy this detox drink from TestClear, you get 6 Toxin rid pre rid capsules. You should take these capsules 24 hours before the test. What they do is eliminate as many toxins as they can within 24 hours, so Mega Clean will have an easier job to do. Buying it in Walmart without pre rid pills is not recommended. if there is no other choice you still can give it a try, but it’s like flipping a coin.