The Good and the Bad of Using Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes


After reading a few articles on the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes and viewing the history of California legalizing the use of marijjuana for medicinal purposes, I feel the need to express my opinion on the matter.

State and Federal Laws have always had a conflict of interest, although each are voted upon by citizens of the US. I believe that if one state has passed a law that conflicts with the laws of the Federal Government, amendments must be made. As of today, thousands of people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes and grow marijuana for the same reason, are still facing federal charges for cultivation and use of marijuana.

These charges are obsurd for the simple fact that the citizens of California decided that marijuana for medicinal purposes is necessary. Why you might ask. Here are the effects of the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Of course there is good and bad for everything, and users must account for both when deciding to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

effects of marijuana

Bad Effects

Marijuana can cause lung cancer. Marijuana users hold there breath once they inhale the marijuana smoke, which gives the lungs more time to absorb the harmful chemicals. Plegm issues may result, along with a chronic cough.

Marijuana causes problems with a user’s social life, cognitive abilities, memory, and careers. Since all of your motor skills are effected by the use of marijuana, it could cause your problem with life skills outside of your home life, like driving, working, and shopping.

Marijuana is addictive. Even for medicinal purposes, marijuana can be very addictive, expensive and cause criminal reactions to not have the drug. These types of charges are not covered under the laws governed by the state that legalizes marijuana use for medicinal purposes.

Drug testing is also an issue.

Babies born by women that used marijuana for medicinal purposes can have neurological damage, which is associated with poor memory, attention, and problem solving.

Good Effects

  • Marijuana is well know for it’s effects on cancer patients.
  • Marijuana can reduce the effects of lost weight and appetite loss by promoting the digestion of food.
  • Marijuana helps patients with neurolocial pains, migraines, and obsessive compulsive disorders.
  • Marijuana is effective on Alzheimer patients.
  • Marijuana helps fight against the growth of cancerous tumors in the body, and may be able to help lung cancer patients.
  • Marijuana may help fight breast cancer by preventing it to spread throughout the body of the female.
  • Marijuana can help with nausea, anxiety, and multiple sclerosis.

No matter what type of medicine, over the counter or prescription, each have a negative effect to help control the current condition. It is up to the consumer as to what chances they want to take with their disease or chronic problem. Here you will find a pros and cons list of the effects of marijuana on chronic pain. It’s up to you to decide on it’s value. Until you are diagnosed with a chronic illness that can be helped with marijuana use, you will never no what relief you may find by using it.