Marijuana Resolution Speech

My apologies to this Board and the County for not bringing this matter up two months ago, when the new petitions came out for the Cannabis Tax Act 2010. Only about 2 weeks remain in the petitioning season, but it is not too late to do your part.

I am petitioning for the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act at the Growers’ Market’s Southwest entrance on 4th Street every Saturday from about 9:30 to 11:30 AM and then on 6th and G at my regular No More Drug War protest from noon to 2 PM. I also have petitions to repeal the latest gas tax hike, and for All-Non-Partisan elections in Oregon.


Unlike the previous version of this Act, the state will be selling marijuana in state cannabis stores rather than state liquor stores. The liquor stores no doubt objected, because where pot is more available, liquor is less used, and having cheap weed in the same stores with heavily taxed liquor would definitely cut into their more lucrative business.

Some people are put off by the “Tax Act” portion of the name, and I have to admit that it is a bit of a misnomer; it’s actually allows state profit on sale of marijuana.

Rather than a set percentage of the price or so much per ounce, the state will be making whatever profit it can off the sale of its marijuana in state cannabis stores while competing with the relatively cheap homegrown that anyone over 21 will be able to grow for personal use. After a few years, the state may find that it cannot compete with homegrown pot, any more than it can compete in the tomato market, and will close the state cannabis stores and allow sale of marijuana in other stores, as it does with cigarettes.

Do you want teenagers to stop being our pot dealers and get their weed from adults, rather than vice-versa? Then you should support this Act. Do you want to stop sick people from getting rich off the rest of us with their present medical privilege?

Then you should support this Act. Do you want the police to concentrate on catching thieves, rather than weeding the forest and busting farmers? Then you should support this Act. Do you want more money freed from the black market and Mexican gangs and spent in legitimate stores, lifting the entire economy? Then you should support this Act.

There is now a measure heading to the ballot which would allow cannabis dispensaries; it would only continue the problematic system of medical privilege that creates so much corruption. I ask this Board to ask the legislature to pass the 2010 Cannabis Tax Act, or to put it on the ballot, so we can at least have a better choice in November.